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Meet Misa

Artist & Founder of Chasing Extraordinary

Misa is an artist and founder of Chasing Extraordinary, known for her love of cats, humor, and whimsical style. Her passion for spreading joy and laughter through her art has inspired her to create a business that reflects her values and beliefs. Misa's unique and quirky designs capture the essence of her playful personality and love for cats, which has earned her a loyal following of fans and customers.

As a creative at heart, Misa is chasing her dreams of becoming a full-time artist and making a living from doing what she loves. Her dedication to her craft and commitment to spreading joy through her art has driven her success. Misa's mission is to inspire others to never settle for less and always to chase the extraordinary, whether that's through pursuing their dreams or surrounding themselves with joyful and playful things.

Through her business, Chasing Extraordinary, Misa has turned her passion into an adventure creating products that bring happiness and laughter to people's lives. She is excited to continue growing her business and spreading joy through her art for years to come.

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